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Created: 03/26/2003
Today's Date: 02/22/2018

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Main folder to store sample layouts and windows for customers to download. Also can be used for sample screenshots.

File Contents of: Main Folder
  Name Desc User Time Size
  $tick example.png ScottJ 2004/05/18 01:16:43 PM 43K
  77 beta News sample page.png ScottJ 2004/06/05 05:07:50 PM 160K
  7_7 Symbol Lookup example.png ScottJ 2004/06/03 11:12:20 AM 54K
  7_7 Time and sales example1.png ScottJ 2004/06/23 10:52:32 AM 113K
  Avg vol snapshot.png Avg vol in snapshotScottJ 2004/03/31 01:04:31 PM 52K
  bidask.png HSI Bid-Ask exampleScottJ 2004/09/13 08:53:19 PM 132K
  CSCO.png CSCO 1 min from 1/16/04ScottJ 2004/01/17 09:10:42 PM 62K
  CTZ4 daily.png Daily Corn CT Z4ScottJ 2004/08/24 05:19:08 AM 43K
  DAX symbol change TS2Ki.doc Help doc to migrate history data for DAX for TS2000i usersScottJ 2003/06/23 11:29:47 PM 140K
  DDE BidAsk Spreads.xls Sample DDE Excel Sheet for bid/ask futures spreadsScottJ 2004/05/20 07:53:45 PM 21K
  DDE sample EFS.efs Sample EFS to DDE Excel sheet EMA(30)ScottJ 2004/05/21 03:42:24 PM 1K
  DisplaySettings_10.1.png eSignal_JasonK 2008/03/26 09:24:59 AM 15K
  emini tick comparisons.png emini tick comparisonsScottJ 2008/02/08 03:39:43 PM 62K
  eSignal Page - 2005/02/02 04:46:48 AM 97K
  Euronext Symbol Changes.xls Euronext Symbol Changes- Aug 2005ScottJ 2005/07/22 11:22:36 AM 40K
  IBM.png IBM NYSE only 15 min chartScottJ 2004/01/26 07:58:42 PM 68K
  Integrated scanner and dynamic symbols.png Integrated ScannerScottJ 2004/04/17 06:00:43 PM 178K
  integrated scanner for volume.png Integrated scannerScottJ 2004/04/17 05:54:32 PM 142K
  LYH5-LF.png LY H5-LFScottJ 2005/01/19 10:20:52 AM 40K
  LYH5-LF1.png ScottJ 2005/01/19 10:21:27 AM 39K
  Market Depth example.png ScottJ 2004/06/03 09:12:53 AM 207K
  name_changes_stitans_g18001.xls Name changes for selected DJ Indexes - set for Sept 20, 2004ScottJ 2004/08/26 03:27:58 PM 29K
  New International Futures Symbols.xls Symbols for Sydney, New Zealand, Italian and Hong Kong FuturesScottJ 2003/07/30 02:53:34 PM 41K
  Options Chain Properties.png Option Chain PropertiesScottJ 2003/08/27 11:51:51 AM 234K
  Price Filter example.png ScottJ 2004/03/02 08:04:11 PM 67K
  Quotes and Charts Time and n/a 2003/07/14 06:33:53 AM 2K
  snapshot-6.png ScottJ 2008/05/14 03:18:19 PM 65K
  Spread Calculation.png Spread CalculationScottJ 2004/05/19 09:59:40 AM 98K
  Symbol Search.png Search for DAXScottJ 2004/10/15 08:31:47 PM 31K
  symsearch1.png Symbol Search for Indicies with "vol"ScottJ 2006/04/21 08:58:20 AM 57K
  Ticker properties.png Ticker Properties WindowScottJ 2003/05/03 07:27:53 AM 15K
  TickExtremes.efs Tickextreme EFSScottJ 2003/05/02 05:59:38 AM 2K
  Voting Structure Changes4 Sept28 04.xls Symbol Changes for CEG/Canadian IssuesWMyers 2004/09/29 09:26:11 AM 46K
  weather maps.png Weather mapsScottJ 2008/06/24 12:12:38 PM 526K
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