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Created: 04/30/2003
Today's Date: 08/19/2018

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eSignal conducts scheduled chats at 4:30EST several days a week on various topics.
This group contains the log files of each of these chat sessions.

For information on the upcoming topics, go to

There is also a Bulletin Board forum dedicated to the
eSignal chat sessions. You can join the forum at

File Contents of: Main Folder
  Name Desc User Time Size
  eSignal Chat 01-13-05.doc Ron Wheeler discussing Elliott Type One TradeseSignal_Todd 2005/01/14 11:17:45 AM 3219K
  eSignal Chat 01-14-04.doc Ron Wheeler Identifies Trends in Advanced GETeSignal_Todd 2004/01/20 02:27:35 PM 2901K
  eSignal Chat 01-27-05.doc Tony Beckwith of MTPredictor on Risk/Reward tradingeSignal_Todd 2005/02/09 02:07:34 PM 49K
  eSignal Chat 02-10-04.doc Ken Calhoun on Gap Trading StrategieseSignal_Todd 2004/02/11 11:42:43 AM 84K
  eSignal Chat 02-24-05.doc Fari Hamzei on The Combined Use of CI and DV Indicators for Trading Big-Range DayseSignal_Todd 2005/02/24 03:07:50 PM 43K
  eSignal Chat 03-10-05.doc Raghee Horner on Getting Started Trading ForexeSignal_Todd 2005/03/11 12:01:15 PM 48K
  eSignal Chat 03-24-05.doc Ron Wheeler on Getting Started Trading GlobexeSignal_Todd 2005/03/28 03:53:12 PM 1351K
  eSignal Chat 04-20-05.doc Fari Hamzei shares the process he uses to systematically pick tradeseSignal_Todd 2005/04/22 09:48:44 AM 73K
  eSignal Chat 04-29-03.doc Getting the Most Out of NASDAQ's ViewSuiteeSignal_Todd 2003/04/30 03:35:19 PM 173K
  eSignal Chat 04-29-04.doc John Bollinger on Bollinger BandseSignal_Todd 2004/05/06 03:29:08 PM 40K
  eSignal Chat 04-30-03.doc Using Market Depth WindoweSignal_Todd 2003/04/30 03:35:54 PM 383K
  eSignal Chat 05-06-03.doc Using Alerts in eSignaleSignal_Todd 2003/05/06 03:13:48 PM 154K
  eSignal Chat 05-07-03.doc Using TickerseSignal_Todd 2003/05/07 04:01:25 PM 208K
  eSignal Chat 05-10-05.doc Inside the Trader's Mind with Bennett McDowell, founder of http://TradersCoach.comeSignal_Todd 2005/05/10 03:42:11 PM 41K
  eSignal Chat 05-13-03.doc Using Replay/Learning ModeeSignal_Todd 2003/05/20 10:20:56 AM 494K
  eSignal Chat 05-14-03.doc Overview of Basic StudieseSignal_Todd 2003/05/20 10:21:44 AM 344K
  eSignal Chat 05-20-03.doc Understanding EFS BasicseSignal_Todd 2003/05/20 04:06:13 PM 2365K
  eSignal Chat 05-21-03.doc Trading Single Stock FutureseSignal_Todd 2003/05/22 09:52:34 AM 252K
  eSignal Chat 05-27-03.doc A Session with the CBOTeSignal_Todd 2003/05/28 10:46:11 AM 183K
  eSignal Chat 06-04-03.doc Trading with eMESAeSignal_Todd 2003/06/09 01:43:24 PM 369K
  eSignal Chat 06-09-05.doc Ken Calhoun discusses Scanning Strategies for Trading Intraday Gaps with eSignaleSignal_Todd 2005/06/09 03:27:35 PM 99K
  eSignal Chat 06-11-03.doc Trading with Advanced GET StudieseSignal_Todd 2003/06/18 02:56:19 PM 286K
  eSignal Chat 06-16-05.doc Randall Hopkins discusses Total View in eSignaleSignal_Todd 2005/06/16 02:32:46 PM 294K
  eSignal Chat 06-17-03.doc EFS Development with Chris KryzaeSignal_Todd 2003/06/18 02:57:11 PM 323K
  eSignal Chat 06-24-03.doc What's New in eSignal 7.4eSignal_Todd 2003/06/24 04:48:01 PM 419K
  eSignal Chat 06-25-03.doc Developing EFS Back Testing FormulaseSignal_Todd 2003/06/26 12:38:00 PM 3630K
  eSignal Chat 06-29-04.doc Kathy Lien of FXCM on Trading Forex Using eSignal ChartseSignal_Todd 2004/06/29 04:17:27 PM 420K
  eSignal Chat 07-01-03.doc Advanced GET: Using Type II TradeseSignal_Todd 2003/07/02 01:04:27 PM 255K
  eSignal Chat 07-08-04.doc Raghee Horner on Getting Started Trading Forex Today -- Part IeSignal_Todd 2004/07/28 04:51:48 PM 67K
  eSignal Chat 07-12-05.doc Raghee Horner on Getting Started With ForexeSignal_Todd 2005/07/12 03:52:16 PM 60K
  eSignal Chat 07-15-03.doc EFS Back TestingeSignal_Todd 2003/08/27 03:10:55 PM 253K
  eSignal Chat 07-27-05.doc Fari Hamzei on Using Intraday Volume and Momentum to Trade with More ConsistencyeSignal_Todd 2005/07/27 04:35:17 PM 75K
  eSignal Chat 07-28-04.doc Raghee Horner on Getting Started Trading Forex Today -- Part IIeSignal_Todd 2004/07/28 04:53:15 PM 85K
  eSignal Chat 08-05-04.doc Basic Elliott Wave Trading with Ron WheelereSignal_Todd 2004/08/17 01:53:55 PM 3270K
  eSignal Chat 08-17-04.doc Harmonic Trading with Scott CarneyeSignal_Todd 2004/08/18 03:23:58 PM 562K
  eSignal Chat 09-01-05.doc Ron Wheeler Discusses Trading Forex with Advanced GET and eSignaleSignal_Todd 2005/09/07 04:06:53 PM 37K
  eSignal Chat 09-07-05.doc Teresa Lo Discusses Trading with PowerTools and eSignaleSignal_Todd 2005/09/07 03:49:06 PM 41K
  eSignal Chat 09-09-03.doc Stage Analysis for Swing TraderseSignal_Todd 2003/09/12 10:41:30 AM 46K
  eSignal Chat 09-16-04.doc Ron Wheeler on Trend Trading using Advanced GETeSignal_Todd 2004/10/19 03:25:53 PM 856K
  eSignal Chat 09-22-05.doc Chris Mercer on he uses EFS to trade Forex, Stocks and FutureseSignal_Todd 2005/09/22 03:20:36 PM 63K
  eSignal Chat 09-30-03.doc Fari Hamzei with an Introduction to Market Sentiment AnalysiseSignal_Todd 2004/10/19 01:35:12 PM 366K
  eSignal Chat 10-12-04.doc Randall Hopkins on NASDAQ's TotalView dataeSignal_Todd 2004/10/19 01:36:40 PM 181K
  eSignal Chat 10-14-03.doc Chat with Ken Calhoun on eSignal's New Advanced Tick Charting FeatureeSignal_Todd 2003/10/15 02:49:51 PM 71K
  eSignal Chat 10-19-04.doc Dan Zanger on How to identify types of patterns for big and quick profitseSignal_Todd 2004/10/19 03:00:02 PM 69K
  eSignal Chat 10-28-04.doc Fari Hamzei with an Introduction to Proprietary Short-Term Indicators -- Momentum, Trend & Divergences in a zero-lag spaceeSignal_Todd 2004/11/01 11:23:04 AM 428K
  eSignal Chat 11-13-03.doc Using eSignal's Advanced GET to Spot Trend TradeseSignal_Todd 2003/11/14 02:38:38 PM 1094K
  eSignal Chat 11-16-04.doc Ken Calhoun on Swing Trading ADX Volume Breakouts using Time and SaleseSignal_Todd 2004/12/01 02:06:49 PM 66K
  eSignal Chat 11-30-04.doc Fari Hamzei with an Introduction to Trend-Following SystemseSignal_Todd 2004/12/01 02:07:59 PM 39K
  eSignal Chat 12-09-03.doc Trading Gaps and Breakouts with eSignal's Candlestick ChartseSignal_Todd 2003/12/23 02:43:19 PM 147K
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