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Trading the Markets with Jerry Olson
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Created: 03/23/2004
Today's Date: 01/20/2018

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I've been trading the markets for 25 years, finally switched to Esginal after being tortured by Qcharts for a long time.. Feeling a lot safer now<g> I would like to share some of my charting techniques with you all, as well as my set ups as i go thru the day. I do a lot of line drawing during the day to identify supports and resistance areas to short or long stocks using "alerts". More important is identifying the "days trend" and not trade against it. As we move thru the ebbs and flows of the markets i'll also be posting my thoughts on market direction using Point & Figure Charting.. I have always held an open forum for anyone that wishes to exchanbge their views on all trading subjects.. Nothing is taboo for me...Once i can figure out how to do this file shareing thing i'll post my charts and such right here..hope to talk to you soon. Btw i host a real time trading room on and offer a 2 week free trial there for anyone that wish to get a feel for trading like i do.

my e-mail address my web site is

my regards

jerry olson

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  Name Desc User Time Size
  Option Chain.OPW OPTIONS 2004/03/23 10:19:52 AM 3K
  Quote1.quo MY LOWER QUOTE 2004/03/23 10:19:11 AM 3K
  snapshot-1.png 5 of 2004/03/23 10:06:17 AM 74K
  snapshot-10.png CHART OF INTC FOR THE EARNINGS 2004/04/04 02:01:48 PM 84K
  snapshot-11.png WORKSPACE FORM 2004/05/20 12:49:16 PM 8K
  snapshot-2.png E-MINI 3 MIN 2004/03/23 10:16:27 AM 76K
  snapshot-3.png ES M4 15 MINUTE 2004/03/25 10:16:13 AM 85K
  snapshot-4.png DAILY INDU 2004/03/25 01:18:57 PM 88K
  snapshot-5.png ES 3 MIN CHART AT A TEST OF TOP HERE AT 2004/03/26 08:25:35 AM 65K
  snapshot-6.png ES M4 BREAKOUT OF THAT TEST OF 2004/03/26 08:48:03 AM 62K
  snapshot-7.png THE POINT & FIGURE CHART OF THE QQQ' 2004/03/26 09:56:35 AM 14K
  snapshot-8.png ES M4 BREAKOUT AREA IS ABOVE 2004/03/30 11:35:22 AM 65K
  snapshot-9.png TASR LONG USING THE CCI WITH A BULLISH 2004/03/31 11:03:50 AM 77K
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