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Created: 07/06/2006
Today's Date: 06/24/2018

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Very accurate trading software for insertion into eSignal charts. For both EUR/USD Forex and eMini Russell Futures. Further, use our 'Auto Interface Module' to trade these signals automatically. Visit our website and get FREE Fibonacci and FTN calculators.

File Contents of: Main Folder
  Name Desc User Time Size
  6ADaily.png AUD Futures Short Disparity 2006/09/12 09:40:54 PM 258K
  AutoDivergencCHFJPY240.png CHFJPY Bullish Divergence and Gann 2006/07/19 07:48:04 AM 16K
  DellDailyFibfan.png Dell Daily following Fib Fan 2006/10/13 09:59:56 AM 19K
  Dow eMini Fib Fan.png Dow eMini with Fib Fan efs 2006/07/23 01:50:23 PM 131K
  EURGannFanDiv.png 072606 EUR Divergence from Gann 2006/07/26 04:28:54 PM 156K
  EwavePivotsJPY.png E-Wave Pivot Signals on the 2006/08/21 07:56:55 PM 78K
  FibFanCADtoBOT240.png Perfect move to the BOTr of Fib Fan efs - 2006/07/11 09:59:08 AM 21K
  FibT-PivotsGBP.png Fibonacci T-Pivots GBP 240 2006/07/17 09:55:44 AM 88K
  FOMC_to_BOTline.png FOMC announcement right to the Fib Fan 2006/07/11 09:14:24 AM 204K
  GBP60SQ9Div.png GBP 60 min Divergence - 2006/07/21 09:20:59 AM 14K
  GoogleDivergence.png 072606 GOOGLE Divergence Signal 2006/07/26 04:29:50 PM 127K
  InvestGuider.png Investment Guider 2010/12/13 11:17:02 PM 97K
  JPYnews.png 072706 JPY live news trade - 26 2006/07/27 11:24:29 PM 144K
  SQ915deg.png Gann Square of Nine efs (15deg version) 2006/07/06 06:24:20 PM 19K
  TF_RoyalX.png Russell emini: RoyalX - most popular 2010/12/04 01:18:24 PM 89K
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