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Created: 02/16/2003
Today's Date: 07/23/2018

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Group Description  
This group contains a collection of scripts created over the years for eSignal by Divergence Software, Inc. The scripts are fairly heavily commented and can be used as-is or modified to suit your requirements.

For scripts that make use of buttons/mouse clicks, please remember that in eSignal 11/12 you must hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on a button or clicking in the chart area.

Please come visit us! Our website is at and our blog is at We have a large number of indicators and systems for eSignal in our catalog and we also provide custom indicator/system development services. Be sure to join our mailing will receive product discounts that are only available to our list members and we will also keep you up to date on new products and services.

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File Contents of: Miscellaneous
  Name Desc User Time Size
  AccelerationBands1.efs Script to Calculate/Display Acceleration 2003/02/16 11:16:53 AM 3K
  AccelerationBands2.efs Script to Calculate/Display Acceleration Bands (w/offset) 2003/03/07 12:37:03 PM 3K
  ArmsEaseOfMovement.efs Arms Ease of Movement 2003/05/12 03:32:23 PM 5K
  ASEMA.efs ASEMA 2004/06/04 05:27:39 AM 3K
  ButtonDemo.efs Example Button-Demo code from 6/17 2003/06/17 05:39:53 PM 3K
  CCICalculation.efs CCI 2003/12/23 03:39:58 AM 3K
  ChaikinOscillator.efs Chaikin Oscillator 2003/09/08 02:14:07 PM 4K
  ChandelierExit.efs Chandelier Exit 2003/03/19 04:50:31 PM 5K
  ChandelierExit2.efs Chandelier Exit (w/Buttons to initiate Long/Short positions) 2003/03/28 11:55:50 AM 9K
  COG_Indicator_1.efs Center of Gravity Indicator (conversion from Metatrader) 2008/06/17 01:55:55 PM 11K
  CommoditySelectionIndex.efs Script to Calculate/Display Wilder's 2003/02/16 11:18:43 AM 2K
  DailyRangeHist.efs User-requested bar range 2003/04/15 02:58:05 AM 5K
  DemandOscillator.efs Attempt at Aspray's Demand 2005/03/30 09:13:21 AM 7K
  DirectionalDayFilter.efs Directional Day Filter 2005/06/29 11:40:12 AM 8K
  DistanceCoefficientFilter.efs Ehlers' Distance Coefficient 2004/04/20 01:05:51 PM 3K
  DynamicRSI.efs RSI with Self-Adjusting 2004/08/05 06:00:17 AM 6K
  ElderForceIndex.efs Elder's Force Index 2003/08/19 04:49:58 AM 4K
  ElderRay.efs Elder Ray Script (Bear & Bull Power) 2003/08/19 05:06:51 AM 4K
  ErgodicCSI.efs Ergodic 2003/11/03 03:49:24 PM 5K
  ErgodicTrueStrengthIndex-Difference.efs Ergodic TSI - 2004/12/13 04:42:04 PM 5K
  ErgodicTrueStrengthIndex.efs Ergodic TSI (Version 1.1.0) 2004/07/26 05:23:58 AM 5K
  HiLoAverageRange1.efs Avg Range btwn Start-End times over X-Days (study plot) 2003/08/20 04:35:59 AM 5K
  HiLoAverageRange2.efs Avg Range btwn Start-End times over X-Days (price plot) 2003/08/20 04:36:44 AM 6K
  HullMA.efs Hull Moving 2006/01/13 05:43:04 AM 5K
  KAMA.efs Kaufman Adaptive Moving 2004/03/18 05:47:27 AM 5K
  KeltnerChannel.efs Keltner Channel 2003/09/08 02:16:33 PM 4K
  Kirshenbaum.efs Kirshenbaum Bands (Version 1.1.0) 2003/12/02 12:20:08 PM 6K
  logFile.efs logFile function and example 2003/02/23 10:06:40 AM 6K
  LowHighAvg.efs Script to calculate the x-day avg High/Low and display as 2003/04/11 12:40:21 PM 5K
  LowHighAvgWeighted.efs Script to calculate the x-day Weighted avg High/Low and display as 2003/04/15 03:25:50 AM 5K
  MA-XOver-Alert.efs MA Crossover Alert 2004/04/22 10:46:51 AM 7K
  MACD-Impulse.efs MACD-Impulse. User-requested 2003/11/14 01:42:22 PM 6K
  McClellanOscillator.efs McClellan Osc / Summation 2003/12/13 05:01:41 AM 6K
  ModifiedMA.efs Modified Moving 2004/08/05 07:14:05 AM 5K
  MomentumDivergence.efs Price Headley's Momentum Divergence 2003/03/17 12:38:19 PM 6K
  MoonPhase.efs Script to plot phases of the moon on a Daily chart. (V1.1.0) 2003/08/03 07:02:40 AM 9K
  MoonPhase.png Snapshot of Moon Phase 2003/08/03 07:03:18 AM 16K
  PhaseChangeIndex.efs Phase Change Index (from TASC Article) 2004/04/09 08:57:47 AM 4K
  RandomWalkIndex.efs Random Walk Index 2003/09/04 03:44:44 PM 4K
  RelativeStrength-IBD.efs Internal Relative Strength 2003/08/06 01:38:43 PM 3K
  RelativeStrengthCustom.efs Relative Strength ( an alternate implementation ) 2004/07/14 06:33:08 AM 4K
  RelativeStrengthvIndex.efs Relative Strength Script ( versus an Index ) 2003/08/06 01:55:30 PM 3K
  RMV_Plot_1.efs Repeated Median Velocity Indicator (TASC 11/2013 Article by Dennis Meyers) 2013/10/29 05:13:40 AM 9K
  SchaafTrendCycle.efs Schaaf Trend Cycle 2008/10/22 11:23:27 AM 7K
  SineWeightedAvgVolume.efs Sine-Weighted Avg Volume 2004/11/15 09:21:22 AM 4K
  SineWeightedMA.efs Sine-Weighted Moving 2004/02/17 07:54:23 AM 4K
  SineWeightedMoneyFlow.efs Sine-Weighted Money Flow 2004/11/13 04:21:41 AM 4K
  SineWeightedRSI.efs Sine-Weighted RSI 2004/11/13 04:21:17 AM 4K
  SmoothedMA.efs Smoothed Moving Average Script w/Offset Support (V1.5.0) 2003/07/29 05:54:50 PM 7K
  StandardErrorBands.efs Standard Error Bands (from '96 TASC Article) 2004/03/20 04:03:36 AM 6K
  StochMomIndex.efs User-requested Stochastic Momentum Index w/ 2003/04/29 05:00:52 AM 6K
  StochMomIndex2.efs User-requested Stoch/Mom index w/ 2005/03/23 08:16:49 AM 10K
  StollerBands.efs Stoller Range Channel Bands 2003/08/13 05:55:22 AM 6K
  StollerBandsWithTrend.efs Stoller Range Channel Bands with Trend 2003/08/14 07:31:19 AM 7K
  TimeSeriesForecastOfMovingAvg.efs Time Series Forecast script using MA as 2003/09/23 05:15:56 AM 5K
  TimeWeightedMA.efs Time Weighted Moving 2004/09/30 05:39:22 AM 4K
  TradeForALiving.efs TFAL 2004/06/30 08:34:23 AM 5K
  TrailerExperimentalStop.efs Example Script - "The Stop Loss - A Statistical Approach" 2005/06/30 04:49:45 AM 6K
  TriangleWeightedMA.efs Triangle-Weighted Moving 2004/08/05 06:28:01 AM 4K
  UpDnVol.efs Up/Down Volume Histogram 2003/04/17 04:34:02 AM 4K
  UpDnVolWithMA.efs Up/Down Volume Histogram Script w/MA (V1.10) 2003/07/31 03:44:13 PM 5K
  VixVolatBands.efs User-requested Volatility Band 2003/04/11 12:41:57 PM 5K
  VolMA.efs Script to Calculate/Display Volume & Moving 2003/06/15 06:11:58 AM 3K
  VolStdDev.efs Script to Calculate/Display Volume & Std Deviation (V1.2.0) 2006/11/29 11:52:15 AM 5K
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