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Created: 02/16/2003
Today's Date: 01/20/2018

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Group Description  
This group contains a collection of scripts created over the years for eSignal by Divergence Software, Inc. The scripts are fairly heavily commented and can be used as-is or modified to suit your requirements.

Note that many of these scripts make use of EFS features that were not available in older eSignal versions, so please be sure that you are running the most current release. The documentation for most of these scripts is at the top of the actual EFS file. Just load the file into any text editor to review this information.

For scripts that make use of buttons/mouse clicks, please remember that in eSignal 11/12 you must hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on a button or clicking in the chart area.

Please come visit us! Our website is at and our blog is at We have a large number of indicators and systems for eSignal in our catalog and we also provide custom indicator/system development services. Be sure to join our mailing will receive product discounts that are only available to our list members and we will also keep you up to date on new products and services.

File Contents of: Murrey Math Lines
  Name Desc User Time Size
  MurreyMath-v5.0.5.efs Updated Murrey Indicator (v5.0.5) (Hold down SHIFT key when clicking on the buttons in eSignal v12) 2017/12/10 07:32:26 AM 95K
  MurreyMathLines.gif Snapshot of Murrey Indicator in eSignal 2013/12/03 01:32:03 PM 190K
  MurreyMathOctaves-8ths.efs Octaves Script (V. 1.0.0) Displays 8th 2005/10/13 07:18:31 AM 11K
  MurreyMathOctaves.efs Octaves Script (V. 1.2.0) 2004/03/18 09:36:41 AM 11K
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