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Most Active Groups (last 30 days)  
1. EFS Database 780
2. Advanced GET 409
3. ReadMe 211
4. Specialty Scripts 173
5. christine 134
6. Test for regression 103
7. Charts CL 2010 87
8. Andy Jordan 83
9. Market Screener Plus 77
10. KnowledgeBase 66

Most Active Files (last 30 days)    
1. Parabolic SAR (Wilder).xls christine 441
2. Overview of Fibonacci and Wave Relationships.pdf Advanced GET 352
3. eSignal_RSIwithRSI.png EFS Database 298
4. BidAskAnalysis.efs EFS Database 288
5. MarketStats.xls'A=0 ReadMe 253
6. MarketStats.xls ReadMe 247
7. qlink.pdf ReadMe 240
8. donchian channels.pdf Advanced GET 204
9. Overview of Profit-Taking Index (PTI).pdf Advanced GET 165
10. MarketStats.xls ReadMe 158

Top Rated Groups (by Average)
1. Javsmen
2. Trade-Seven Group
3. Bayern Elchalarm
4. SP-Emini-Tape Reading
5. Fredrik tradesetups
6. SP-E-Mini
7. trading from the holly lend
8. Andy Jordan
9. ConceptForex

Recent Additions (Groups)
1. solution

Recent Additions (Files)
1. Page (6)_17-11-03_18-53-35.png Test for regression
2. Chart_18-06-14_16-30-18.png Test for regression
3. Image_18-06-14_11-27-32.png Test for regression
4. Chart_18-06-14_16-28-55.png Test for regression
5. Chart_18-06-14_16-18-45.png Test for regression
6. dsf. Test for regression
7. ProjectedUsers.txt ProjectedUsers
8. usernames.txt SCS Cycles
9. Image_18-05-15_09-34-17.png Test for regression
11. BWTIndicators.txt Private File Share for BWT
12. WD_PPO.png EFS Database
13. WD_PPO.efs EFS Database
14. CAM_Indicator.efs EFS Database
15. CAM_Indicator.png EFS Database
16. WD_MACD.efs EFS Database
17. WD_MACD.png EFS Database
18. MurreyMath-v5.0.5.efs Specialty Scripts
19. 4Day_Breakouts.efs EFS Database
20. 4Day_Breakout.png EFS Database

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